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Talo Monastery

Talo Monastery in Bhutan

Situated on a ridge above the Punakha Valley is a serene Buddhist Monastery called Talo Sangngak Choling or Talo Monastery. Talo Monastery is an essential Drukpa Kagyu monastery of Punakha. The source of the Drukpa Lineage stems from the Primordial Buddha Vajradhara, the All-Pervading Lord of the Hundred Buddha Families. Located at a distance of 16km from Khuruthang town, a small township close by Punakha Dzong, Talo Monastery was founded by Chogtrul Jigme Singye (the 4th reincarnation of Gyalse Tenzin Ragbye). The decades old Talo Monastery offers an astounding vista of lush alpine valley with a backdrop view of daunting Bhutan hills.

Perched at an elevation of 2800mt above the serene hamlet called Talo, Talo Monastery, built in 1950 houses many lhakhangs, in which Neten Chudrug (sixteen Arhats) lhakhang is one of them. The well laid-out village Talo is known for its neat and clean appearance. After the completion, Talo Monastery served as the residence of the mind reincarnations of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. The natural trail through the lush alpine forest leading towards Talo Monastery has hyped the interest of many travelers. Like in all other monastery of Bhutan, the interior and exterior of Talo Monastery show the amazing skill of Bhutanese artist while reflecting the importance of culture and religion in Bhutan. On a clear day visitors can feast upon the panoramic vista of the entire valley and surrounding villages and the high hills beyond Wangduephodrang which mark the gateway to central Bhutan from the courtyard of Talo Monastery. The serene monastery Talo is also the venue ground of the Talo festival, a three day festival particularly popular for its masked dance and atsara dance. Indigenous to this festival is the classical dance (Zungdra) by Talo dance group. The three songs of Mani sum, which includes the Zungdra set is performed at the end of each day. The festival besides its religious significance is an opportunity for villagers and families to come together and celebrated. Being the part of this astounding festival while visiting Talo Monastery can be a moment to be cherished lifetime.

Trekking through the mesmerizing valley surrounded by the lush alpine tree towards the pictorial Talo monastery can be an astounding experience while getting an insight in the Buddhist religion of Bhutan.

Best time to visit Talo Monastery

The serene ambiance and murals covering the walls and ceiling of Talo monastery can be enjoyed throughout the year but to get an unhindered view of the surrounding valley March to May and October to November is considered the best time to visit Talo Monastery.

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