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Talo Monastery in Bhutan – Detailed Tour and Travel Guide

Talo Monastery in Bhutan

Talo is a charming hamlet in Bhutan that is located on a plateau above the Punakha Valley. Talo, one of Punakha’s most picturesque and cleanest settlements, is perched at a height of 9186 feet. Talo, which is surrounded by deep coniferous and tree woods, is a popular tourist destination in Punakha Valley and one of the must-see spots in Bhutan. The main attraction in Talo is Talo Sangacholing, or Talo Monastery, which is perched on the highest point of the charming Bhutanese hamlet. The summer retreat location for one of Bhutan’s Zabdrung was Talo Monastery.

Interesting Fact about Talo

Talo’s surrounding hills covered with lush greenery make it one of the most beautiful places in entire Bhutan. The monastery and its splendid structure are also worth noting. The women of Talo are considered to be the most beautiful in the whole region of Bhutan.

Things to See Near the Monastery

  • Corn and sweet pea field – Spreading over a large area, the corn and the sweet pea field looks quite magnificent.
  • The captivating panoramic view of the entire Paro valley looks quite magnificent.
  • Annual Tsechu celebrated in Talo Monastery is undoubtedly one of the best things to see during your tour of the monastery.

Things to See In Talo

  • You can go trekking from the monastery as there are many trekking trails nearby.
  • You can participate in the iconic Tsechu in Talo Monastery.
  • Beckoning the beauty of the Bhutanese architecture style used to build Talo Monastery.
  • You can enjoy the seeping panoramic view of the entire Punakha city.

Best Time to Visit Talo

April-June: The valley that surrounds Talo at this time of year is awash in a colorful display of rhododendrons in bloom. In addition to the picturesque vista, tourists can take pleasure in Talo’s pleasant climate.

July to September: Talo receives an average amount of rainfall at this time of year, making the road getting there challenging to travel.

October-March: The best time to visit Talo is in the winter when there is little to no rain and visitors may enjoy the brisk weather and the unobstructed view of the Punakha Valley encircled by steep mountains.

How to Reach Talo?

Trekking from Punakha Valley to Talo is the most practical route. It takes an hour to climb to Talo from Punakha’s main town. Five kilometers of driving distance separates Punakha from Talo. If you are planning to visit the monastery by air, you must board a flight to Paro International Airport. And after that, get a car to cover 123 km of driving distance from Paro to Talo Monastery. To go to Talo, Bhutan Holidays provides economical custom-made package tours that include transportation service.

Hotels in Punakha

Being one of the must-visit places in Bhutan, there are many options for accommodations in Punakha. Visitors can either stay in homestays, resorts, and budget hostels in Punakha. With Hotel Booking services of Bhutan Holidays, travelers can easily choose a place to stay in Punakha according to their liking and budget.

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