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Khamsum Yueling Monastery

Khamsum Yueling Monastery in Bhutan

Located at the edge on the northern side of Punakha valley is a four storey temple called Khamsum Yueling Monastery. Khamsum Yueling Monastery was built under the commandment of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Ashi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck in 1999 to promote world peace and for the sound health and long life of the King. Sited over the suspension bridge overlooking the beautiful paddy field, the unique chorten shape of Khamsum Yueling Monastery has attracted tourist traveling to Punakha towards it. Khamsum Yueling Monastery took over nine years for the completion and is considered one of the finest structure to be found in Bhutan region.

The uphill trek through the paddy field and verdant forest is another added charm which has lured travelers towards Khamsum Yueling Monastery. The construction of Khamsum Yueling Monastery was started in 1990 and Holy Scripture was used in the place of engineering manual to build the monastery. Khamsum Yueling Monastery is a splendid example of Bhutan’s fine architectural and artistic traditions and the only one of its kind in the world. The fine details and mural adorning the interior and exterior wall and pillar of the Khamsum Yueling Monastery has mesmerized and bewitched the mind of tourists visiting the astounding monastery. The panoramic view of Punakha valley can be seen from the uppermost part of the Khamsum Yueling Monastery but prior to being graced by the mesmerizing view visitors comes face to face with an 15-20ft tall 3D image of the Vajrakilaya, the most wrathful protector deities. The complex yet beautiful sculpture of Vajrakilaya is encased in glass which almost covers the whole wall. The beauty and intricacy of the mural adorning the walls and ceiling of Khamsum Yueling Monastery is hard to express in words. Compared to other monasteries of Bhutan, one can see that the Khamsum Yueling Monastery has far great collection of Yab-Yum figures. Each floor of monastery has a chapel with its own protective deity apart from the small porch in the upper most part which has a Sakyamuni Buddha facing the south. The courtyard of Khamsum Yueling Monastery is surrounded by many miniature white washed chorten, behind the monastery visitors can find a sacred fountain with a statue of Water angel offering the holy water and near the entrance gate two giant prayer wheels. There many fascinating sculpture and mural in Khamsum Yueling Monastery which never ceases to amaze the visitors.

Surrounded by the sacred bodhi trees, Khamsum Yueling Monastery with its unique features, suspended bridge, paddy fields and astounding view of Punakha valley has become a favored destination for the tourist traveling to Punakha.

Best time to visit Khamsum Yueling Monastery

September to November and March to May are considered the best time to visit Khamsum Yueling Monastery since tourists can get an unhindered view of the Punakha valley and the uphill route is free of slippery mud.

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