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Limbhukha in Punakha- Detailed Tour and Travel Guide

Limbhukha in Bhutan

Limbukha also spelled as Limbhukha is a scenically blessed hamlet situated in Dochula Hill of Punakha Valley. Famous for its medicinal red rice Limbukha is known to be the most pictorial village in Punakha Valley. Blessed with serene ambiance, pictorial landscape, and amusing history Limbukha has been one of the must-visit places in Punakha Valley.

You can visit Limbhukha village with ease if you opt for a Bhutan tour itinerary including Limbhukha. Call or fill up the inquiry form for a free travel quote.

Interesting Fact about Limbukha

During the mediaeval war, the Limbukha inhabitants served as peace mediators. In fact, during the Serda, an annual celebration held in Punakha villages, tourists will observe locals holding peace flags rather than swords. The locals of Limbukha are referred to as “Limpus.”

Things to Do In Limbukha

  • Trekking- One of the best activities to do in the village is Trekking through the dense forest enclosing Limbukha.
  • Know the villagers- Learning about the indigenous lifestyle of Limpus in Limbukha is another fascinating thing to do.
  • Sightseeing Excursion- You can go for a sightseeing excursion to some of the quite popular places such as Chimi Lhakhang, Jigme Dorji National Park, Punakha Dzong, Punakha Suspension Bridge, Talo Monastery, and more.
  • Hiking- One of the most popular activities in the Punakha Valley is the hike to this settlement. Hikers have two options for where to begin their journey: Punakha Valley or Punakha Dzong. To get to Limbukha, travelers must traverse a 200 meters long suspension bridge that is suspended over the rivers Po Chuu and Mo Chuu on foot. The hiking track will take visitors through beautiful forests, paddy fields, and charming hamlets when they cross the bridge. The nicest part of climbing to Limbukha is strolling through the alpine forest that sprawls across Dompala Hill while taking in the sounds of rare birds singing and mountain streams bubbling.
  • Photography- The beautiful landscape of Punakha can be captured in photographic form. You can take selfies along with your friends and family while standing in front of the finest attractions located in Punakha.

How to Reach Limbukha

Perched atop Dompala Hill, visitors need to hike to reach Limbhukha. From Punakha Valley, it is an approx 4-6hrs hike to Limbukha. The distance between Punakha to Limbukha is 14 km. To visit Limbukha Bhutan Holidays offers tailor-made package tours to stay at Limbhukha at affordable prices.

Hotels in and around Limbhukha

Near Limbhukha, there are few accommodation options available. Punakha, as one of Bhutan’s must-see destinations, has a plethora of accommodation options. In Punakha, visitors can stay in homestays, resorts, or budget hostels. Travelers can easily choose a place to stay in Punakha based on their preferences and budget by using Bhutan Holidays’ Hotel Booking services. Contact us now, we are just one call away.

Best Time to Visit Limbukha

From April to June, the trail leading to Limbukha is bursting with the vibrant vista of blooming flowers. This is the best time to visit Limbukha to witness the valley enclosing Punakha in its pristine state. Throughout July to September, the road leading to Limbukha becomes hard to approach due to unforeseen rain accompanied by a thunderstorm. From October to March, there is little to no rain making it the best time to visit Limbukha. Along with the pleasant weather, visitors can also spot exquisite birds and butterfly species while visiting Limbukha.

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