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Limbhukha in Bhutan

Bhutan, the land of Thunder Dragon is famous for preserving its historical heritage site along with its rich cultural background. The verdant land of Bhutan is dotted with astounding trekking route which leads to some of the most pictorial destinations, Limbhukha being one of those places. Nestled amidst the thick verdant forest of alpine trees, Limbhukha is a serene scenically blessed hamlet of Punakha Valley, the former capital of Bhutan. The trekking routes leading towards Limbhukha has made it a favored trekking destination for the tourists visiting Punakha. Apart from trekking route Limbhukha is famous for its love of peace and tranquility.

Endowed with abundance of natural beauty, the trek towards Limbhukha present a visual treat for the tourist. First tourists need to drive towards the iconic Punakha Dzong and after reaching the dzong they start their trekking expedition towards the serene hamlet Limbhukha. Crossing the second largest bridge of Bhutan which dangles above the mountainous stream Pho Chhu and be quite and after crossing the bridge the route start to elevated toward Dompola Hills and from there it is a three hour trekking distance towards Limbhukha. Throughout the whole trip, tourists get the occasional sighting of mountainous valley along with the view of river stream cascading through the mountain, which from some points looks like a glistening snake meandering through hills of Bhutan. The serene ambiance and the kind nature of the villages radiate a welcoming aura after reaching Limbhukha making the whole journey more blissful. The peace loving village Limbhukha offers a panoramic vista of adjacent valley sprawled with the emerald green forest to its visitors. Limbhukha is one of those places of Bhutan which has its own traditional legend. As per the legend of Limbhukha the Limpus who are inhabitants of the village volunteered as the peace negotiator during the medieval era, which was quite risky. To honor the departed soul of those brave peace negotiator, villager till date celebrate “Serda” a yearly festival where the men can be seen carrying a peace flags instead of swords and fireworks. The quite village has an alluring charisma of its own which has ensnared the heart of many travelers.

Being immerged in a serene ambiance while learning about the fascinating history where peace was used to solve a problem instead of war, Limbhukha village of Punakha valley with is astounding charm, awe-inspiring views and natural trail has become a must visit destination of Bhutan.

Best time to visit Limbhukha

Blessed with temperate weather and verdant flora, Limbhukha village can be visited all round the year.

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