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Punakha Ritsha Village

Punakha Ritsha Village in Bhutan

Nestled on the foothills of Eastern Himalayan region in the former capital Punakha is the rice bowl of Bhutan, Ritsha Village. Ritsha village of Punakha valley is along the confluence of the two major rivers which is fed by the glacier, Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu. Surrounded by lush valley dotted with alpine forest, Ritsha Village is an essential hamlet of Bhutan which is known for its rich production. The village has derived its name from the Bhutanese language where the word “Ritsha” means “at the base of hill”. The rural setup of Ritsha Village has become a prime attraction for the tourists visiting the regal Punakha Valley.

Ritsha Village is blessed with the most fertile land due to unique location along the bank of meandering river stream, making it the biggest rice growing region in Bhutan. The view of verdant terraced paddy field surrounding the quaint hamlets while visiting Ritsha creates a visual treat for the tourists. Apart from being famous as largest rice producing region, Ritsha village with its simple and laid back style has attracted the travelers visiting Punakha Valley. The two storeys house made from the pounded mud with stone foundation of Ritsha Village is a great example of creative and durable archicture of the rural Bhutanese region. Each house of Ritsha Village has its own gardening area which usually has plants bearing fruits like papaya and oranges along with some organic vegetables. The quaint village Ritsha has its own pace of life which gives a sense of tranquility and simplicity in this modernized world. Along with white rice Ritsha Village also cultivate the famous red rice of Bhutan which is also known as the Himalayan rice or Bhutanese rice. Red rice is known for its high fiber, antioxidant properties. If a tourist is looking for a tourist spot which is far from the hustle and bustle of the vehicle while catching a glimpse of rural Bhutan, Ritsha Village of Punakha valley is the ideal destination for them. On a clear day tourist can catch the magnificent vista of adjacent valley from Ritsha.

From taking a strolling along the luxuriant paddy fields or watching a mesmerizing sunset over the meandering river stream, tourist visiting the scenically blessed Ritsha Village can relish them all. The view of small houses made out of mud cuddled amidst the terraced paddy field is an added charm for the visitors.

Best time to visit Punakha Ritsha Village

The beauty and alluring charisma of Ritsha Village can be enjoyed throughout the year since each season has its own charm to be relished.

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