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Paro in Bhutan

Paro is situated at an altitude of 7218ft is the home of the Bhutan’s International Airport. Sited along the bank of Paro (Pa) Chhu, Paro is a scenically blessed town of Bhutan. Paro, a quaint valley in the regal kingdom of Bhutan is one of the must visit places in Bhutan. Deemed to be the most pictorial town in Bhutan, Paro is dotted with beautiful rice fields, stunning landscapes and sacred temples of various ages. In ancient time Paro was the centre of two of the most important trade route to Tibet.

The world’s most difficult commercial airport is Paro airport. This airport consist only a single long runway that is only 1,980 meter long. These made very difficult for pilots to operate. As of December 2014 only 8 pilots are certified to fly commercial planes from and to Paro airport.

Paro Brief History

The historical Rinpung Dzong is a fortress monastery overlooking Paro valley. At the first part of 10th century Guru Padma Sambhaba initiated to build Paro’s first monastery. In 1644 on the foundation of the first monastery a much larger monastery was build.  This 5 storey monastery saved numerous attempts of invasion by Tibetans. The stone made Rinpung (heaps of jewels) monastery was destroyed in 1907 by a devastating fire and all its treasure too were destroyed along with the monastery. The only thing that was survived the fire is a Thangka named Thongdel.

After the fire the Rinpung dzong commonly known as the Paro dzong was rebuilt.  A collection of sacred masks and costumes is now its real treasure. The National Museum of Bhutan is situated on a hill above Paro Dzong, which was an ancient watch tower named Ta Dzong. This Museum was established on 1967.

Things to Do In Paro

  • Trekking in Taktsang Monastery
  • Bird watching
  • Learning about the sacred relics and artefacts of dating back to 5th century

Tourist Attraction in Paro

  • Taktsang Monastery (Paro Tiger’s Nest)
  • Phobjikha Glacier
  • Rinpung Dzong (Paro Monastery)
  • Kyichu Lhakhang
  • Dungtse Lhakhang
  • Drukgyel Dzong
  • National Museum of Bhutan (Paro Ta Dzong)

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How to Reach Paro

By Air: The nearest airport of Paro is the Paro Bhutan Airport. It is an overall 15 minutes drive from the main town of Paro to the Paro Bhutan Airport. The distance between Paro Bhutan Airport and the main town of Paro is 6 km.

 By Road: Visitors can also reach Paro by taking the overall 5hrs drive from Phuentsholing. The distance between Phuentsholing to Paro Bhutan is 160 km.

By Rail: The nearest railway station of Paro is Hasimara of West Bengal, India. From Hasimara Railway Station it is approx 5½hrs journey to reach Paro, Bhutan. The distance between Hasimara to Paro is 178 km.

Traveller can cover this distance to reach Paro by directly hiring a car from Hasimara or Phuentsholing. With car rental service of North Bengal Tourism travellers can rent a car from Hasimara to Paro Bhutan or hire a car from Phuentsholing to Paro Bhutan at a reasonable car fare.

Best Time to Visit Paro

April to June: During this time of the year the valley enclosing Paro is adorned with the vibrant vista of blooming rhododendron. The pleasant weather of Paro is an added charm of visiting Paro in spring season.

July to September: During monsoon season Paro receives an average rainfall and occasional thunder storm which result in sudden road blocks and landslides.

October to March: Winter season is the best time to visit Paro. During this time of the year, the sky remains mostly clear in Paro which ensure the panoramic vista of rolling mountain and snow-capped Himalayan Range enclosing Paro. It is also the ideal time to visit Paro if visitors want to partake in activities like trekking and bird watching.

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Hotels in Paro

There are various hotels and resorts available in Paro from budget to deluxe level. Bhutan Holidays is happy to offer Hotel booking assistance to tourists, travellers and visitors.

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