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Kila Goemba in Paro Bhutan- Detailed Travel Guide

Kila Goemba in Bhutan

The government of Bhutan formally created Kila Goemba as an Anim Dratshang, a community of nuns, in 1986. In addition to being the residence of Anim, Kila Goemba is a historical site and a popular tourist destination in Bhutan. Kila Goemba, the Cliffside Nunnery of Bhutan, is tucked away in the rugged slope of Paro Valley. Kila Goemba, below the Chele La Pass, is home to Buddhist nuns known as anim, who live a quiet life of prayer, meditation, and religious study. The smallest nunnery in the kingdom of Bhutan, Kila Goemba, is thought to be the oldest nunnery in the world.

History and Interesting Facts of Kila Goemba

Kila Goemba was initially established in the early ninth century by Drupthob Chhoeje Norbu and Drupthob Temba as a meditation site. After being destroyed by fire, Kila Goemba was reconstructed by the 25th Je Khenpo, Sherub Gyeltshen. It is now the home of more than 60 nuns ranging from 15 to 25 of age. Some of them were orphans but some gave up their materialistic possessions in order to gain spiritual peace. From ancient times Kila Goemba has been a sacred meditation site for many renowned saints including Drupthob Chilkarwa, a student of Pelden Drukpa of the Kagyupa sect.

Things to See In Kila Goemba

  • The ancient statues of Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara) and Guru Rimpoche (Padma Sambhaba) are the two major attractions here.
  • Incredible view of Paro valley from the prayer hall of Kila Goemba. You will truly love the panoramic view.
  • The beautiful mountain view of Bhutan’s Mount Jomolhari, Mount Jichu Drave, and Kanchenjunga, one of the highest mountain peaks. The average elevations of these mountain peaks are 7314 meters, 6794 meters, and 8586 meters respectively.

Things to Do In Kila Goemba

  • Learning about the Buddhist philosophy
  • Getting insight into the life of nuns living in the Kila Goemba
  • Trekking to Kila Goemba
  • Admiring the simplicity of life

How to Reach Kila Goemba

Visitors first need to drive to Chele La Pass from Paro to reach Kila Goemba. It is an overall 2 hrs drive from Paro to Chele La Pass. From Chele La Pass they need to hike their way to Kila Goemba. From Chele La Pass travelers need to hike for 1-2 hrs depending on their speed through the dense forest to reach Kila Goemba. The distance between Paro to Chele La Pass is 35 km.

Trek to Kila Goemba

Kila Goemba is a serene home of Buddhist nuns who have dedicated their lives to spiritual fulfillment is an hour’s walk from Chele la Pass, one of the highest motorable passes in Bhutan. Trekking through the magnificent woods to reach the quaint Kila Goemba has hyped the interest of many adventurers and nature lovers making it one of the must-visit destinations of Bhutan. Trekking through the enchanting woods and reaching the quaint nunnery Kila Goemba offers the visitor an insight into the life of simplicity and the awe-inspiring view of Paro valley, Mt. Chomolhari, and Mt. Jichu Drake have lured many travelers towards Kila Goemba.

If you want to experience the life of simplicity while basking in the finest sight of nature and trekking through the thick forest area then Kila Goemba is an ideal destination for you in Paro. To visit Kila Goemba Bhutan Holidays offers a tailor-made package tour to stay at Paro at an affordable price.

Best Time to Visit this Goemba

This beautiful Goemba can be visited at any time of the year expect for the season of monsoon. As per the timings are concerned, Kila Goemba opens at around 9 am in the morning and closes at around 5 pm in the evening. The tranquil atmosphere and witnessing the daily lives of the nuns here make it a promising tourist site for visitors.

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