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Kila Goemba

Kila Goemba in Bhutan

Perched at an elevation of 3350mt on a craggy path of the mountain side below Chelela Pass is a quaint nunnery called Kila Goemba. Located at a one hour hiking distance from the mountainous pass, Kila Goemba is the home for many females who have renounced their worldly life and have chosen to lead the path of enlightenment. The nuns of Kila Goemba are called anims. The foundation of Kila Goemba was laid in the early 9th century and officially came into existence 1986 as the Anim Dratsang or Kila Goemba when the former foundation was destroyed in the fire. The trekking route through the thick wooded forest which leads towards Kila Goemba has made it a favored destination for the trekkers and adventurer visiting Bhutan.

Surrounded by various mediation huts and built upon many hidden caves, Kila Goemba is historically significant as a sacred meditation site. Cuddled amidst the lush forest of tall firs while being enclosed by the glistening mountain stream, Kila Goemba with serene beauty has ensnared the heart of many travelers. Kila Goemba is one of the oldest of seven nunneries in Bhutan where many renowned and revered saints came to find peace and seclusion. Molded in the Rocky Mountains, the deities which adorn the main hall of Kila Goemba are an ancient statue of Chenresig (Avalokiteswara) and Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambava) among others. Kila Goemba is not like other monasteries of Bhutan which are grand and magnificent in the structure instead, it more inclined towards the simplicity of life. The white washed nunnery with green tinted roof has a charm of its own which shows the ultimate satisfaction is in the simplicity of life. But there are mural and paintings decorating the corridors of the inner chapel of Kila Goemba. The journey towards Kila Goemba is a surreal experience which takes the first timer by surprise. After reaching the Chelela Pass which offers the panoramic view of the Mt Jomolhari and its surrounding ranges, tourists start their amazing downhill journey towards Kila Goemba. Walking through the wooded forest while listening to the chirping of exotic birds and meandering stream with an occasional sighting of small animals will awaken the inner wilderness explorer of any tourists.

Being engulfed by the enchanting musky aroma of Tibetan incense with the distant sound of nuns or anims chanting the prayer lets the mind be filled with the sense of serenity. If you are looking for spending some lone time while relishing the simple side of Bhutan, Kila Goemba is the ideal destination for you.

Best time to visit Kila Goemba

The simplicity of Kila Goemba can be relished throughout the year but to make most of the trip spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) season when the route leading towards Kila Goemba is bursting with vibrant color riots of rhododendron is considered the best time to visit Kila Goemba.

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