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Ura Valley

Ura Valley in Bhutan

Perched at an elevation of 3100mt below Thrumshingla is the highest valley of Bumthang district, Ura Valley. It is located at a distance of 48km from the Jakar town. Ura valley is surrounded by the lush terraced field and lofty hills dotted with alpine trees. Ura valley is known for its scenic view of beautiful meadows and verdant valley. The medieval setup of the scenically blessed Ura Valley has attracted tourists from around the globe who traveling to Bhutan.

The quaint landlocked kingdom Bhutan is known for preserving its cultural and religious heritage in the form of its traditional wear and dzongs. Ura Valley takes its visitors back in time with its small traditionally built houses nestled below the terraced fields. After the construction of proper transportation route to the east, Ura Valley has grown prosperous but yet it has remained untouched by the ruckus of modernized society. The sparsely populated Ura valley has a living pace of its own which has mesmerized many travelers. During the annual festival Ura yakchoe, the scenically blessed valley is flooding with horde of people and the once silent vacant street is filled with the bustling people. The three days of masked dances begins on the 12th day of the third month with a parade holding an image of Chana Dorji, Vajrapani, from the close by Gaden Lhakhang down to the main lhakhang. The eve of the festival sees the anxious preparation of sinchhang (a spirit distilled from millet, wheat or rice) and exorcisms late at night, quite an unusual setting which has hyped the interest of many travelers. Being the highest valley of the Bumthang, visitors get an astounding vista of adjacent valley and daunting hills of Bhutan from Ura Valley. The occupant of Ura are mostly yak herders and can be seen grazing in the terraced field wearing the traditional Bhutanese dress. The hilly region of Ura Valley is known for producing some of the Bhutan’s best matsutake mushrooms. The mushroom is so famous that it has its own festival called Matsutake festival celebrated during august where stalls are put up to served mushrooms in unique style and recipes.

If you want to get a firsthand experience of rural Bhutanese life, Ura valley of Bumthang with its traditional set up is a must visit destination for you. Inflate your lungs with the fresh air while learning more about the rustic Bhutanese culture in Ura valley.

Best time to visit Ura Valley

Every season has its own charm to relish in Ura Valley but festival season during May and August are considered the best time to visit Ura Valley. Situated in the high altitude region, winters are extremely cold in Ura valley so if you are not fond of the freezing temperature it is advised to avoid traveling during November to February. =

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