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Mebartsho in Bhutan

Located at a distance of 30mins from Chamkhar town of Bumthang in the gorge is a quaint lake called Mebartsho. Mebar Tsho or the Burning Lake is situated in the southern part of the Tang Valley. It was here at this lake that Pema Lingpa the renowned Terton, the treasure revealer, discovered several treasures. Festooned by the colorful prayer flags, Mebartsho is a sacred lake which has ensnared the heart of many tourists with its astounding legend.

The land of the thunder dragon, Bhutan has always fascinated travelers with its surreal scenic views and hallowed site with its unique back story, Mebartsho is one of them. The alluring revered water of Bumthang got its name after a significant historic event which was referred to the most famous episode of the famous treasure discoverer, Pema Lingpa’s life. According to the legend Terton Pema Lingpa had a vision of the sacred treasures that Guru Rinpoche had hidden within the lake centuries earlier. However the people of Tang and the local ruler were cynical of his claims. In order to prove his claims, Pema Lingpa held a butter lamp in his hand as he jumped into the lake after declaring that “If I am a demon, I shall die! If I am not, and I am the true spiritual son of Guru Rinpoche, this lamp will continue to burn and I will recover hidden treasures” After remaining under water for a long time he re-emerged, holding in his hands a ritual skull, a Buddha statue and the burning butter lamp. From then on the people believed in him and his reputation as a Terton quickly spread. Thereafter, the lake came to be known as Mebartsho or the burning Lake. The legend also says that if the visitors have a pure soul and has sinned less they are graced by an extraordinary sight in the lake while looking down from a rock overlooking it. In the present time the sacred gorges Mebartsho is encircled with vibrant prayer flags and on an auspicious day people can be seen offering butter lamp. There is small wooden bridge over the gorge which shows the panoramic vista of the sacred lake Mebartsho.

Engulf your senses while offering your prayers at the sacred lake Mebartsho during your visit of Bhutan. The serene ambiance with the view of colorful prayer flags adorning the gorge and surreal legend has made Mebartsho a must visit destination of Bumthang Valley.

Best time to visit Mebartsho

There is no specific timing to visit Mebartsho or the burning lake and can be visited throughout the year. It is advised to avoid the monsoon season since the area around the lake become more slippery and can lead to fatal accident.

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