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Lhuntse Dzong

Lhuntse Dzong in Bhutan

Located at a distance of 73km from Mongar is the most isolated district of the Eastern Bhutan, Lhuntse. The Kurote region of Lhuntse is the ancestral home of the Royal dynasty and is blessed with the most exotic landscapes with luxuriant forested area. Perched at the ridge of the narrow valley in Lhuntse beside the meandering river Kuri Chhu is the Lhuntse Dzong. Surrounded by the lush coniferous tree the quaint pictorial settlement has become the sojourn for many travelers who relish being in a nature bound place. The verdant land around Lhuntse is still virgin and said to hold many conceal hidden treasure.

Endowed with rich flora and fauna, Lhuntse is still untouched by the modernization making it the least developed district of Bhutan. Most of the area of Lhuntse is environmentally protected since it shares its boundaries with Wangchuck Centennial Park in the north, Thrumshingla National Park in the south and Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary in the east. Located on the far north-east side of the Bhutan region, there are only few roads which connect towards Lhuntse. Traveling on the winding road craved through the mountainous valley while being accompanied with the view of emerald green forest to reach Lhuntse is an added charm of Lhuntse trip. Visitors in Lhuntse are welcomed with the view of concrete terraces lying just above the collection of wooden shops and bars while being enclosed by the tall conifer trees. There are many sacred religious sites in Lhuntse one of the major religious institutes being Lhuntse Dzong. Founded in 1543 by Pema Lingpa’s son Kunga Wangpo, Lhuntse Dzong was officially built in 1654 by Trongsa Penlop (governor), Minjur Tenpa, after winning a battle and named it Lhuentse Rinchentse. There are many legend associated with Lhuntse Dzong and according to one legend, Khedrup Kuenga Wangpo, son of Tertoen Pema Lingpa was assigned to find a ridge resembling the trunk of an elephant. He found one opposite Baeyul Khenpajong and mediated there. This location came to be known as Kurtoe Lhuentse Phodrang. Tourists need to cross a bridge hovering over the meandering Kuri Chhu River to reach the Lhuentse Dzong, which can be quite thrilling. There are several hiking routes around Lhuentse through the luxuriant forest and gorgeous valley which leads towards some of the fascinating and ancient place one of the popular being one hour hike towards Khoma Village. Khoma village is renowned for its intricate woven silk cloth called Kishu Tara.

In the recent years Lhuntse has become more isolated since the people are attracted towards the modern lifestyle of other district of Bhutan but yet the mesmerizing charm of the nature endowed Lhuntse have stayed behind. Experience the lifestyle of rural Bhutanese region while basking in the sight of pristine nature in Lhuntse or witness the panoramic vista of Kira Chhu cascading through the mountainous valley which looks like a glistening snake meandering through the emerald green forest from Lhuntse Dzong.

Best time to visit Lhuntse Dzong

Apart from monsoon season from July to September, the scenic beauty and serene ambiance of Lhuntse can be relished throughout the year.

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