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Mongar Bhutan – Detailed Holiday Tour and Travel Guide

Mongar in Bhutan

Mongar is a small town located on the eastern side of Bhutan at an elevation of 1600 meters. It is the oldest center for education in the country of Bhutan. Mongar, which delineates the start of eastern Bhutan, is thought to be its center. Mongar, formerly known as Zhongar, offers a breathtaking view of a stunning terrain with steep cliffs, precarious ravines, and dense conifer woods. The word “Zhongar” in the Bhutanese language means “the white bowl.” Lhuentse, Pema Gatshel, and Trashigang Mongar, which border the districts of Bumthang, provide visitors a look into Bhutan’s unique rural culture and a wide range of flora and animals. One of Bhutan’s most beautiful routes is thought to be the roads going to Mongar.

Sightseeing Attractions in Mongar Bhutan

The small town of Mongar, perched on a mountaintop, is well known for manufacturing some of Bhutan’s finest textiles and materials. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the richly culturally influenced building strewn throughout the street of Mongar. Bhutan is well known for presenting and conserving its legacy in form of architecture. The lush valley that surrounds Mongar is not only rich in art and culture, but it is also littered with amazing trekking trails. One such route leads to the foothills of Gangkhar Puensum, the tallest mountain in the area and one of the most well-known.

There are few pictorial sites in Mongar which has hyped the interest of visitors like Mongar Dzong. Built-in the 1930’s Mongar Dzong with its architectural feat, where not even a single nail has been used during the construction, is the venue of the Mongar festival. Built in the 16th century is Drametse Monastery where the “dance of drums” originated from. The dance is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The Aja Ney is another popular sacred site that pilgrims from other parts of the country frequent. The Ney is believed to be blessed by Guru Rinpoche where a sacred rock bearing the 100 renditions of the syllable ‘Aa’ is a major attraction. In some parts of Mongar, people are still said to practice “bonism”, a bon ritual to appease the local deities.

Surrounded by terraced fields and alpine trees, the heart of the eastern settlement, Mongar with its surreal beauty has become a must-visit destination for the tourist who relishes going on a long ride while getting a piece of in-depth knowledge about some of the sacred destinations.

Mongar Bhutan Best Hotels

In Mongar, there are couples of hotels available for comfortable night stay. Both budget and luxury hotels can be availed depending upon the requirements of the guests. The rooms you get are spacious, attached western bathroom, hot water, 24 hours electricity, free WiFi, car parking and more. The best type of accommodation is included in all our Bhutan packages.

Best Time to Visit Mongar

The best seasons to visit Mongar are during spring March to May and Autumn Season from September to November. The major Bhutanese religious festivals are held during these seasons and fine spring and autumn weather makes it an ideal time for trekking in the alpine region of Mongar.

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