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Trashigang Bhutan – Detailed Tour and Travel Guide

Trashigang in Bhutan

Located at a distance of 80 km from Mongar, Trashigang is the largest district of the Bhutan kingdom with an altitude ranging between 600mt to 4000mt. Visitors to Trashigang, which is tucked away on the farther eastern side of Bhutan, can tell the difference between the traditional Bhutanese clothing. You can go by car or by plane to reach this lush region. A region called Trashigang, dubbed the Jewel of the East, is endowed with a lush forest area with alpine trees. On the east side of the valley, above the biggest mountain stream, Drangme Chhu, is the picturesque village of Trashigang. With access to Samdrup Jongkhar and then the Indian state of Assam, it is the intersection of the East-West highway.

The verdant forest surrounding Trashigang has ensnared the heart of many travelers making it a must-visit destination of Eastern Bhutan. Trashigang was once the bustling junction for the traders who wanted to batter their goods in Tibet. A well-planned holiday itinerary can help you plan a memorable Trashigang tour in Bhutan.

Sightseeing Attractions in Trashigang

There are few places within Trashigang that enhance the beauty of this naturally blessed place like Trashigang Dzong. Built around 300 years ago, Trashigang Dzong with its fascinating architecture and mind-boggling history sits proudly atop the hill overlooking the largest river stream in Bhutan. Trashigang Dzong is the venue of the annual Tsechu where monks can be seen performing the traditional masked dance. The scenically blessed town Trashigang is also the principal marketplace for the semi-nomadic people of Merak and Sakteng.

Apart been enriched with rich flora and fauna, Trashigang is also the base for venturing into the less trodden villages and mountain ranges of eastern Bhutan. Being dotted by the astounding trekking route through the thick alpine forest with the view of a snow-capped fortress looming over the mountainous valley many trekkers have been lured towards Trashigang.

Trashigang, hidden among the lush, verdant vegetation and offering a panoramic view of the Himalayan mountain range with snow-capped peaks, has earned a reputation for being a tranquil getaway for travelers wishing to unwind in a natural setting. When visiting Trashigang, hike through the lush forest and take in the scenery of the greatest river stream.

How Do You Get to Trashigang

By Air- For foreign nationals, Paro is the only international airport they can take a flight to. Once they land at Paro International Airport, take another flight to Paro- Yongphulla Domestic Aiport. Once landed, a car can be rented to help them reach Trashigang.

By Road- Trashigang is well-connected with most of the major cities including Thimphu. Regular buses depart Thimphu at roughly 7 AM and arrive around 5:30 PM the following day, stopping for the night in Bumthang. Despite the lengthy travel, the entire experience is worthwhile. Additionally, you can opt for a bus from Phuentsholing.

By Train- You cannot travel all the way to Trashigang by train because Bhutan has no rail connections with any other nations. You can reserve train tickets to some of the nearest Indian railway stations like NJP, Hasimara, Siliguri, and New Alipurduar Junction to Trashigang, then continue your journey by road.

Best time to visit Trashigang

Blessed with temperate weather every season has its own charm to relish in the Trashigang but October to December and then again April to May is considered the best time to visit Trashigang. During the month of November, tourists can witness the vibrant Tsechu festival. Don’t wait; explore this beautiful destination with the help of Bhutanholidays.net.

Other top attractions in Trashigang

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