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Tango Buddhist Institute | Tango Monastery Travel Guide

Tango Buddhist Institute in Bhutan

Bhutan’s Tango Monastery is a Buddhist monastery that is located on the outskirts of Thimphu Valley. Phajo Drugmo Zhigpo established Tango Monastery, which is perched on a hill, in the 13th century. The word “Tango” means “Horse” in the local tongue. One of Bhutan’s most important religious sites is Tango Monastery. Tango Monastery has long been considered a must-see location in Bhutan and a popular tourist attraction in Thimphu for both pilgrims and tourists because of its teachings and great trekking trail.

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History of Tango Monastery

First founded by Lama Gyalwa Lhanampa, the 4th Temporal Ruler, Tenzin Rabgye, remodeled the Tango Monastery’s current building after laying the original monastery’s foundation in the 13th century. Records claim that during his journey to Thimphu in 1616, Zabdrung Ngawang Namgyal meditated in a cave close to Tango Monastery. The Monastery Tango was named because the cave where Zabdrung meditated resembled “The Head of Horse,” also known as the “Hayagriva” in the local tongue. In the 12th century, revered saints made these Tango Monastery meditation caves famed for their miraculous healings

Interesting Fact of Tango Monastery

According to local lore, Avalokitesvara is said to have unveiled his “the self-emanated form of the Wrathful Hayagriva” at the site where Tango Monastery was built. Another tradition states that a respected Tibetan saint prophesied about Tango Monastery’s location.

Things to Do In Tango Monastery

  • Hiking to Tango Monastery is one of the adventurous activities travelers would love to enjoy.
  • Meditating with the monks of Tango Monastery will make travelers forget all the troubles and noise of the outside world for a while.
  • Getting insight into Buddhist Philosophy and Kagyu Drukpa Lineage is undoubtedly an interesting thing to do here.

Things to See In Tango Monastery

  • The six chapels of Tango Monastery
  • Meditation cave near Tango Monastery
  • The gallery of Tango Monastery adorning the paintings of leaders of the Drukpa Kagyupa Lineage

How to Reach Tango Monastery

By Road- Visitors can take up the 3 hrs hike from Thimphu to reach Tango Monastery. Since Tango is perched atop a hill visitor need to be prepared for an uphill trek. The distance between Thimphu to Tango Monastery is 14 km.

By Air- First, you have to board a flight to the International Airport of Paro. Upon your successful landing, you have to begin a journey to the Tango Buddhist Institute.

By Train- Due to the lack of railway connectivity, you cannot travel to this Buddhist institution by train. Your only option to visit it is by flight or car.

Hotels and Homestays Nearby

There are various hotels and other types of accommodations available in Thimphu from budget to deluxe levels and also near this monastery. Bhutan Holidays is happy to offer Hotel booking assistance to tourists, travelers and visitors. To visit Tango Monastery Bhutan Holidays offers tailor-made package tours to stay at Thimphu at affordable prices.

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