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Lungchuzenkha Monastery

Lungchuzenkha Monastery in Bhutan

The mountainous valley of Bhutan is known for its great hiking trail which has fantasized many trekkers and lured them towards Bhutan, the trekking route of Lungchuzekha Monastery being one of them. Surrounded with the lush forested area of firs and coniferous tree, Lungchuzekha Monastery is a Buddhist monastery located at the periphery of Thimphu city. Overlooking emerald green forest with the backdrop view of the majestic Himalayas, Lungchuzekha Monastery sited above the famous mountains pass Dochula, with its scenic view, serene ambiance and astounding trekking route has become a must visit destination of Bhutan for the tourist traveling to Thimphu.

Perched above the Dochula Pass on the way towards central Bhutan, the uphill trek through the thick alpine forest with an occasional sighting of wild animals has mesmerized the travelers during their journey towards the serene Lungchuzekha Monastery. Nestled amidst the wooded forest, Lungchuzekha Monastery is bared fences and colorful prayer flags. The welcoming smile of monks residing in Lungchuzekha Monastery with the alluring aroma of Bhutanese incense creates the perfect essence of tranquility amongst the wooded forest of the mystical land of Bhutan. On a clear day, tourists can get a panoramic vista of snow capped mountainous range of Bhutan from Lungchuzekha Monastery. Along with the astounding view of snow fortress Jhomolhari, Kang Bum and Gangchentta looming over the horizon, tourists can also see the plains of Tibet behind the Himalayan snow peaked, on the eastern horizon the trail of Black Mountains and towards the south lay Hingla while the Dagala Range fills the view to the southwest horizon. The vista of the mountainous folds and Tibetan Plateau seen from Lungchuzekha Monastery has bewitched many travelers and left them spell bound by the surreal beauty of Himalayas. Situated at an elevation of 3000mts the forest area surrounding the quaint monastery turns into a mystical land when the moonlight is shining through the meadow of green brown mossy garden. The small nature trail highlighted under the glaze of moonlight while the chirping of crickets and hooting of owls spread an aura of calmness around the Lungchuzekha makes the place look like a set brought out from a story book. Lungchuzekha Monastery has a pace of life of its own which makes it a sojourn for the nature lovers.

Walking through the thick emerald forest of pine, juniper and rhododendron tree while witnessing the awe-inspiring view of snow-peaked mountain ranges makes the two hours uphill trek towards Lungchuzekha Monastery an unforgettable moment to be cherished a life time. Inflate your lungs with the fresh mountain air while experiencing a heart swelling hospitality from the monks and witnessing the breathtaking vista during a visit in Lungchuzekha Monastery.

Best time to visit Lungchuzenkha Monastery

The serene ambiance and scenic beauty of Lungchuzekha Monastery can be relished throughout the year since Thimphu is blessed with a temperate weather but to witness the unhindered view of the surrounding mountain range, October to November and April to May is considered the best time to visit Lungchuzekha Monastery.

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