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Kuensel Phodrang – Buddha Dordenma Detailed Tour and Travel Guide

Kuensal Phodrang

One of the most recognisable views of Thimphu, Bhutan is Kuensel Phodrang, which looks out over the picturesque Thimphu Valley. Kuensel Phodrang, also known as Buddha Point, is well-renowned for holding the illustrious Great Buddha Dordenma. Kuensel Phodrang has become a popular tourist destination in Thimphu Valley and a must-visit location in Bhutan thanks to the enormous golden statue of Sakyamuni Buddha. The highest point visible from Thimphu City is Kuensel Phodrang, which is perched at an elevation of 8711 feet. The road leading to Kuensel Phodrang is known as one of Thimphu’s most picturesque pathways since it is surrounded by an alpine forest.

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Legend of Great Buddha Dordenma

The site where the Great Buddha Dordenma of Kuensel Phodrang was built was predicted in an old terma of Guru Padma Sambhaba in the eighth century, according to Bhutanese legend. The Terton Pema Lingpa later uncovered the word, which had been prophesying the creation of Great Buddha Dordenma of Kuensal Phodrang for 800 years.

History and Facts of Kuensal Phodrang

The Great Buddha Dordenma of Kuensel Phodrang, which consists of thousands of identical Sakyamuni Buddha figurines, was unveiled on September 25, 2015, in honour of the 60th birthday of the Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck. One of the tallest statues in the world, Sakyamuni Buddha’s statue in Kuensel Phodrang stands 169 feet tall.

Things to See in Kuensel Phodrang

  • Gigantic statue of Sakyamuni Buddha sited atop the Kuensel Phodrang
  • Panoramic view of Thimphu Valley
  • Ruins of the ancient palace of Sherab Wangchuck, the thirteenth Desi Druk, in Kuensal Phodrang Nature Park

Things to Do In Kuensal Phodrang

  • Watching the sunset over the Thimphu Valley from the Buddha Point of Kuensel Phodrang
  • Hiking from Thimphu to Kuensal Phodrang
  • Admiring the gigantic statue of Sakyamuni Buddha in Kuensel Phodrang

How to Reach Kuensel Phodrang

By Road- As it is located outside the main Thimphu Valley, one can reach it by hiring a car. The 5 km driving distance between them can be can be covered within 10 to 15 minutes of driving.

By Air- Paro International Airport is approximately 45 km driving distance away. Once you land at this airport, by taking a car, you will be able to reach Buddha Poin within one and a half hour.

By Train- The railway infrastructure is not yet present in the landlocked country Bhutan. As a result, Kuensel Phodrang can only be visited by car or by taking a flight.

Timings and Best Time to Visit

Buddha Points opens as early as 9 am in the morning and closes at around 6 pm in the evening. As per the entry fee is concerned, you don’t need to pay any fee to enter. One can visit Kuensel Phodrang throughout the year. Hence, there is no particular time to visit it.

Nearby Hotels and Homestays

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