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Gelephu Tshachu- Host Spring Tour & Travel Guide

Gelephu Tshachu

Situated along the gargling mountain river stream near the southern town of Gelephu is a small hamlet called Tshachu. Located 15km from Gelephu, the quaint hamlet has caught the attention of many travelers with its medicinal hot water spring. The feeling of submerging into warm water on a chilly winter day can be heavenly. Bhutan has been known for its mystical beauty, traditional legends, and ancient healing techniques. From ancient times hot springs have been known for their magical healing properties which are said to have been the secret behind the youthful skin of some fair maiden.

Gelephu Tshachu is best visited with the help of a Bhutan Package that includes major facilities such as pick-up, drop, sightseeing, car and more.

Gelephu Tshachu Location

Located at a higher elevation than Gelephu, it is an uphill ride toward Tshachu. Surrounded by daunting hills Tshachu hot spring has been famous among the Bhutanese people since it was officially opened in 1962 by the Gelephu dungkhag administration. People from Bumthang, Trongsa, Zhemgang, and also from eastern and western dzongkhags come to soak in the hot spring of Tshachu.

Tshachu Hot Spring Attractions & Activities

There are four well-like structures made to collect the hot water and it’s quite fascinating to see people drowning them in those round wells where they look like packed ramen noodles. Here visitors can also try their hands at Menchu, ancient Bhutanese Hot Stone Baths. In this method, water is heated by inundating red-hot stones into the bath. It is a popular curative method used throughout the country.

In recent years officials have been planning to renovate the hot spring along with building proper lodging facilities for the traveler. Folks who come from different parts of Bhutan to relish the medicinal properties of Tshachu hot springs are seen bringing enough food for a week along with their own bedding. During winter the green meadow surrounding Tshachu is dotted with tents and makeshift staying places.

People have claimed that soaking themselves in hot spring has healed their joint pain, and body acne sinus while retaining their glowing skin. Gelephu Tshachu is one of the places in Bhutan where tourists can relish the warm natural spring water with many healing properties. Whether you believe in healing properties or not, the experience of sharing a small hot spring with different people where people are soaking themselves in minimalistic clothing without feeling awkward can be an everlasting memory.

Best time to visit Gelephu Tshachu

Most of the locals visit Gelephu Tshachu at any time of the year. However, the tourist rush can be seen in the hot spring during the months of winter. The winter season from November to February is considered the best time to visit Gelephu Tshachu. Thousands of people from around Bhutan and also other countries visit the hot spring in winter. So, why are you waiting for? Plan your Gelephu Tshachu Tour now.

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