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Clock Tower Square

Clock tower square in Bhutan

Located in the heart of capital city Thimphu is one of the most iconic monuments of Bhutan, called Clock Tower Square. Clock Tower Square is a famously known landmark of Thimphu which is also a popular hangout destination for the both tourist and local of Thimphu. Enclosed by traditional Bhutanese building with the back drop view of lofty mountains dotted with alpine forest, Clock Tower Square offers a visual treat for the visitors. Located below Norzim road near the football stadium of Thimphu, the open space around Clock Tower Square acts as an amphitheater were the music festivals and local program of Thimphu are hosted.

Tower Square got its name from the four faced clock tower which is residing in the heart of the square. The Clock Tower with its traditional Bhutanese style design which depicts the legendary thunder dragon has become one of the prime attractions of the capital city Thimphu. Surrounded by beautiful lodge, market area backed with the pictorial view of emerald green lofty mountains, Clock Tower Square has lured both travelers and local with its mesmerizing charisma. The traditional hand crafted dragon which is painted in golden color symbolizes the country as an independent dragon kingdom. Travelers can see the fine blend of traditional Bhutanese culture and modernized society in the shops and restaurant which encloses the Clock Tower Square. Adorned by the fountains and prayer wheels, Clock Tower Square creates a perfect setting to spend some quality time while observing the beautiful Himalayan range and quaint building which is sprawled across the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu. Adjacent to the Clock Tower Square, tourist can see a quaint children park. Clock Tower Square has become an ideal place to take a breather after visiting different interest points of Thimphu or after shopping in the markets located around the Clock Tower Square.

Taking a stroll around the Clock Tower square while relishing the beauty of the scenically blessed kingdom can be quite rejuvenating. The Clock Tower Square has a charm of its own although it is bustling with life but still it gives a sense of serenity. Thimphu trip is incomplete if you haven’t visited the renowned Clock Tower Square where traveler can see the astounding skill of craftsmanship by Bhutanese architecture in the Clock Tower and surrounding three stories building.

Best time to visit Clock Tower Square

The beauty of Clock Tower Square can be relished throughout the year but it is advised to avoid staying late at night since the area become deserted at the night time and creates an eerie ambiance.

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