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Clock Tower Square in Thimphu – Complete Tour and Travel Guide

Clock tower square in Bhutan

One of the trendiest locations to visit in Bhutan is Clock Tower Square, which is situated in the center of Thimphu Valley. Clock Tower Square, which is surrounded by cafes, stores, and restaurants, earned its name since it is home to the famous clock tower. The four-faced clock tower at Clock Tower Square is decorated with flowers and traditional dragons. Bhutan is represented by the dragon on the clock tower as the Independent Dragon Kingdom. Visitors can also observe the prayer wheels and water fountain close to the clock tower, which gives the Clock Tower Square a more spiritual feel.

Interesting Facts

The clocks of Clock Tower Square were a present from the Swiss friend of the former Bhutanese King. The impeccable blend of culture and art showcased in Clock Tower Square has made it a must-visit place in Bhutan and a famous sightseeing place in Thimphu Valley. You can spend some quality time visiting Thimphu at a pocket-friendly price. For a customizable Thimphu Tour itinerary, call or contact us now.

Attractions in Clock Tower Square

  • The famous Clock Tower of Clock Tower Square is a major attraction here.
  • Café and restaurant dotting the Clock Tower Square
  • The panoramic view of rolling mountains and alpine valley seen from Clock Tower Square
  • Amphitheatre of Clock Tower Square
  • The traditional hand-crafted dragon on the Clock Tower
  • The water fountain and prayer wheels located in Clock Tower Square

Activities You Can Enjoy

  • Tasting the Bhutanese cuisine in the café and restaurant of Clock Tower Square
  • Witness the amazing view of the valley enclosing Thimphu Valley from Clock Tower Square
  • Enjoying the lively and serene ambiance of Clock Tower Square
  • Being part of the cultural and musical event performed in the Amphitheatre in Clock Tower Square
  • Testing archery skills in the archery range located nearby Clock Tower Square.


Although Clock Tower Square is the most happening place to visit in Thimphu Valley visitors are advised to visit Clock Tower Square before 8 pm. As the restaurants and cafe located in Clock Tower Square close by 8 pm and the once lively ambiance become eerie and lonely. To visit Clock Tower Square Bhutan Holidays offers tailor-made package tours to stay at Thimphu at affordable prices.

How Do You Get to Clock Tower Square

By Road- From the main town of Thimphu, the Clock Tower Square is only 4 minutes’ walking distance away. If you are traveling from Paro, the approximate distance is around 50 km which requires a little more than 1 hour to cover.

By Air- The international airport of Paro serves foreign nationals to visit the country with ease. You can book a flight to this airport first. And after your successful landing,

Hotels Nearby

There are lots of hotels available to stay nearby as it is located in Thimphu. There are various hotels and resorts available in Thimphu from budget to deluxe levels. Bhutan Holidays is happy to offer Hotel booking assistance as well as a complete tour package for travelers’ convenience.

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