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Choki Traditional Art School

Cheri Monastery in Bhutan

One of the well-known educational institutions in Bhutan is the Choki Traditional Art School, which is located on the outskirts of the Thimphu Valley. Choki Traditional Art School’s main goals were to maintain Bhutan’s traditional legacy and to educate kids who couldn’t continue their formal education for social or financial reasons. A non-profit organization called Choki Traditional Art School was founded that year. Bhutan’s Choki Traditional Art School is a must-see location, and tourists who want to learn about Bhutan’s educational system and appreciate young children’s artwork frequently visit this Thimphu attraction.

History & Facts of Choki Art School

Thrimdep Choki Dorji created the Choki Traditional Art School (CTAS) in 1999. Children who wanted to learn the arts but couldn’t enroll in the National Painting School owing to eligibility requirements sought Dasho Choki Dorji after he left the civil service. He decided to teach these kids at his home because of his passion for the field, love of his job, and desire to preserve the 13 Arts and Crafts. He hosted the students in his home and gave them free lodging and meals because they were from poor, distant families. As soon as word got out, lots of parents started bringing their kids. Thus, the concept of starting a tiny school and giving children from impoverished backgrounds access to education.

Things to See In Choki Traditional Art School

  • Painting and drawing made by the students of Choki Traditional Art School
  • The two storey gift shop in Choki Traditional Art School with handmade shawls and clay sculpture
  • Popular travel attractions Buddha Dordenma, Cheri Monastery, Docula Pass, Motithang Takin Preserve, National Textile Museum, Kuensal Phodrang, and more.

Things to Do In Choki Traditional Art School

  • Buy handicraft goods from the gift shop of Choki Traditional Art School.
  • Once done exploring the school, you can go for a sightseeing excursion to Buddha Dordenma, Cheri Monastery, Docula Pass, Motithang Takin Preserve, National Textile Museum, Kuensal Phodrang, and others.

How to Reach Choki Traditional Art School?

From Thimphu, travelers can hire a car to get to Choki Traditional Art School. The drive from Thimphu to Choki Traditional Art School by automobile takes about 35 minutes. 12 kilometers separate Thimphu from Choki Traditional Art School.

Hotels and Homestays nearby

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